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MK Concrete Construction Specialty Services is a dedicated group within MK Concrete Construction that focuses on site concrete and concrete repair services. Serving the industry for over 20 years, MK Concrete Construction provides outstanding craftsmanship and responsive service. MK Concrete Construction Specialty Services was developed to provide the same level of quality concrete solutions for more modestly-sized and faster-paced projects.

This group is staffed with its own project management team, estimating department, and specialized crews. As a result, we have the flexibility to perform projects as small as two workers for one day to repair curbs, to projects as large as 25 workers for four weeks to install schedule critical generator pads. We are also experienced with working inside operational facilities, including working with clients to control dust and noise based on the facility requirements.

Licensed in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia, we are equipped to handle any project with the expertise to ensure the job is done right and on schedule.

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Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Our Code of Ethics & Business Conduct ("Ethics Policy") applies to Morgan-Keller and all of its organizational units, our officers, and team members, as well as subcontractors, contract or temporary employees or others, wherever they may be located, when acting on behalf of the Company. Further, our expectation is that suppliers, attorneys, consultants or others doing business with Morgan-Keller will follow the same high standard of ethical behavior as outlined in our Ethics Policy.

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